SCHLOTHAUER & WAUER Ingenieurgesellschaft für Straßenverkehr

Quality analysis software for traffic signal controls

Interactive reports on traffic signal control performance with the following features:


  • Display and statistical analysis of green and red times
  • Display of green times within a cycle, and comparison with planned values (for the beginning and end of green)
  • Display and statistical analysis of offset times between two signal groups
  • Display of actual switch times for all signal timing plans
  • Analysis of detector data (displayed in line graphs, headway tables and occupancy times)
  • Calculation of wait times for signal groups
  • Graphic representation of signal timing plans with cycle seconds, detector occupancy, variable values and PT detection points

Interactive reports analyzing public transport priority requests with the following features:

  • Analysis of detection chain (missing transmissions) to determine reception quality
  • Statistical analysis of journey times between two or more detection points, and comparison with planned values
  • Statistical analysis of journey times as regards beginning of green, and comparison with planned values
  • Detection chains checked for completeness to determine reception quality
  • Statistical analysis of loss times for PT detection chains between check-in, beginning of green and check-out to identify possible causes of delay

The evaluation of processes that involve multiple intersections is based on the following reports:

  • Visualization of coordination quality using time-distance diagrams. Planned values are displayed for green time and synchronization periods.
  • Visualization of detection point sequence for PT vehicles traveling through multiple intersections. This facilitates analysis of journey times for public transport lines.
  • Calculation and display of schedule deviations for public transport journeys to identify problematic areas in the event of delays

The monitoring of traffic signal controls is based on the following monitoring functionality:

  • Number of vehicles per green time
  • Fault monitoring
  • Signal time monitoring
  • Offset time monitoring
  • Wait time monitoring
  • Evaluation of PT detection chains
  • Monitoring of PT journey times

ANNA is a Web-based, user-friendly quality analysis system for traffic signal controls. It makes it possible to perform regular and detailed checks on the control that go beyond specific, targeted tests.

  • Automatic or manual import of controller logs
  • Evaluation of process data for private traffic (pedestrians and vehicles)
  • Quality certification for bus and tram controls
  • Automatic fault monitoring with messaging service

Complex traffic signal controls must meet the high expectations and standards of both road users and system operators. To prove that these standards are being met and to ensure that the control is working properly, it is necessary to perform regular and thorough checks of the control. Because of the enormous amount of data contained in these controls, until recently it has only been possible to perform specific, targeted tests. With ANNA, you can now manage large data volumes and perform broad, system-wide analysis.


Traffic engineering firms, municipal planning departments


German, English, Ukrainian, and more