SCHLOTHAUER & WAUER Ingenieurgesellschaft für Straßenverkehr

INES Traffic-adaptive control software for corridors and networks

Short description

INES adaptive controls can be implemented for any controller, regardless of manufacturer. Thanks to the use of open interfaces, they can be easily integrated in existing traffic management center systems. The INES control kernel uses easy-to-understand, modular algorithms and can always be adapted to specific project needs. The Web-based interface for modifying and managing the control is simple and straightforward.

  • INES improves the capacity of local controls by detecting and redistributing unused green times.
  • INES ensures that the forecasted traffic flows get exactly the green time that they need.
  • INES optimizes offsets for beginning of green, thereby improving the quality of green waves.
  • INES makes it possible to modify project-specific parameters while the control is running, opening up a range of targeted improvements to traffic flow.
  • Do away with the limitations of rigid coordinations, in terms of both physical range and timings
  • Perform short-term traffic flow forecasting
  • Change green time distribution and select scenarios
  • Can be implemented regardless of device manufacturer and integrated into traffic management center systems.

Densely populated urban areas, corridors with fluctuating traffic flows and special event-related traffic situations