SCHLOTHAUER & WAUER Ingenieurgesellschaft für Straßenverkehr
  • Automated analysis of traffic counts
  • Automated calculation of travel paths, intergreen times and signal timing plans
  • Stages and stage sequence plans
  • Automated calculation of stage transitions
  • Generation of permission plans
  • Display of coordinations in time distance diagrams
  • Import of GPS data collected via measurement trips
  • Display of public transport lines in coordinations
  • Optimization procedures for coordinated controls
  • Evaluation of roundabouts and unsignalized intersections
  • Evaluation of signalized intersections in accordance with HBS 2001
  • Evaluation of coordinated corridors and networks
  • Generation of user-defined control logics
  • User library for logics
  • Integration of user-defined control function libraries
  • VISSIM interface
  • mport and use of a variety of control algorithms
  • Testing and debugging features
  • Public transport schedules and detection points
  • Simulation of single-intersection and coordinated controls
  • Simulation of networks, including adaptive networks
  • Test site with evaluation functionality
  • Automatic generation of source code in Java or C
  • Upload of basic data to con­trollers in accordance with OCIT®
  • Conversion of control logic to executable machine code
  • Upload of all necessary data, including the control logic and all parameters

The perfect assistant for traffic engineers


LISA is a software system for planning, evaluating, managing and uploading traffic signal controls. LISA helps create efficient solutions using special features for prioritizing buses and trams and optimizing green times and intersection layouts.

  • Create traffic signal controls for individual intersections and progressive systems
  • Evaluate controls based on the latest guidelines
  • Plan, test and simulate traffic-actuated controls
  • Upload data to controllers both on-site and remotely

LISA integrates automated functions and optimization processes that streamline the control planning process. Its detailed and accurate simulation and analysis of the control enable comprehensive, reliable evaluations to be made of the control and traffic conditions.


Traffic engineering firms, municipal planning departments, controller manufacturers, and colleges and universities


German, English, Polish, Czech, Spanish, Dutch, Ukrainian and Brazilian and many more