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Individual Training

Zu unseren Software-Produkten bieten wir in Berlin oder bei Ihnen vor Ort Schulungen an.

We offer individual training for our software products. We would be pleased to submit you a quote. Please contact us:


LISA Trainings Online

We regularly conduct online trainings for our proven traffic engineering software system LISA. In our courses, we offer a wide range of know-how, from the teaching of basic knowledge to training in the creation of sophisticated traffic-actuated controls.

Current dates and our training calendar can also be found under News.

BASICS of traffic Engineering [1]

Content: Theoretical introduction to traffic engineering basics and approaches for non-specialists and career changers, approx. 3h Online
Prerequisite: none



Content: Planning and evaluation of fixed time controls and coordinations with traffic engineering workstation LISA, 2 days à approx. 5 h plus breaks
Prerequisite: Basic knowledge in traffic engineering



Content: Planung und Bearbeitung von verkehrsabhängigen Steuerungen mit dem Verkehrsingenieurarbeitsplatz LISA, 2 days à approx. 5 h plus breaks
Prerequisite: Experience in planning fixed time controls with LISA (ideally course 2)



(1) 3h Online-Presentation/ Workshop

(2)-(3) Online: 2 days à approx. 5 h plus breaks
LISA-Training-licence (Demo), 6 participants.
Breaks in coordination with the coaches.

Certificates of Participation