We are rethinking mobility for the future and optimizing traffic today.

Transport is the realization of mobility. With passion and expertise, we take care of everyone who realizes their mobility needs and is therefore part of the traffic flow.

We support you in all stages of mobility and transportation projects, from data collection with analyses and expert opinions, to planning, tendering and implementation.

Data Collection

Transport Planning &
Mobility Concepts

Traffic Engineering
& technology

Data Collection

We create the basis for our further traffic planning and engineering work with

  • Traffic flow counts
  • Traffic observations and conflict analyses
  • Household and business surveys
  • Surveys of moving vehicle traffic, public transport, pedestrian and bicycle traffic
  • Counts and license plate recognition in stationary traffic
  • Travel time measurements in motorized and public transport incl. recording of CCAM message quality

Transport Planning and Mobility Concepts

We provide future-oriented answers to questions about the traffic effects of changes in transport supply and demand

  • Traffic studies, e.g. for construction projects and development plans
  • Mobility concepts, traffic development planning and overall traffic concepts
  • Macroscopic traffic modeling
  • Microscopic traffic simulation
  • Local transport planning
  • Cycling concepts
  • School route planning
  • Studies on stationary traffic and parking space management concepts
  • Traffic safety planning
  • Traffic management during construction work

Traffic engineering and technology

We advise on traffic engineering issues, plan and support the implementation of suitable solutions:

  • traffic light systems - fixed time or traffic-actuated, with and without prioritization (LISA)
  • corridor and zone coordination, green waves
  • adaptive network controls
  • system architecture for traffic management systems
  • traffic engineering studies
  • parking guidance systems
  • Dynamic passenger information
  • Guidance and signage

Do you want to avoid congestion and emissions and get traffic flowing?

We find the cause and suggest solutions and options.