By traffic engineers for traffic engineers

Experience and expertise from our consulting, engineering and research projects become directly part of our innovative and intuitive software solutions and tools. Machine learning and artificial intelligence perfectly complement our vision and practical experience in application.

LISA, ImFlow, MyCityAdaptive/INES support you at various levels: from the individual intersection to corridors, zones and networks - according to your rules or model-based - with intelligent algorithms that complement your expertise.

Fixed Time Control

Rule Based Control

Policy Based Control

Network Control

Plan, evaluate and optimize individual intersections and corridors in fixed time with LISA S and M

Fixed Time Control

  • Intersection layout, basic data and parameter tables
  • Signal timing plans, intergreen times, performance calculations
  • Intuitive and graphically supported in the familiar Windows look
  • Changes immediately visible in all elements
  • Efficient project and variant management, even when working together

Design and optimize traffic-adaptive control with the logic editor and test site in LISA XL


Rule-based Control

  • without programming knowledge via logic editor and function libraries
  • Integration of diverse data: e.g. detectors, cameras, CCAM
  • Multimodal: consideration of motorized traffic and vulnerable road users, bicycle traffic, public transport, emergency vehicles, etc.
  • Extensive test site enables comprehensive analysis and step-by-step debugging
  • Consideration of the complexity of individual local requirements

ImFlow optimizes, prioritizes and informs in corridors and zones

Policy based Control

  • Use of existing infrastructure and data sources
  • Full CCAM integration
  • Optimizes waiting times and stops predictively in real time via a cost function
  • Multimodal prioritization and pooling
  • Provision of information for road users, e.g. GLOSA
  • Consideration of local requirements and objectives in the model

INES intelligently optimizes traffic flow and green time distribution in large networks

Network Control

  • Traffic-adaptive optimization by taking current traffic data into account, incl. CCAM
  • Quickly scalable thanks to efficient calibration with just a few parameters
  • Transparent algorithm and ergonomic user interfaces
  • Open data interfaces enable the use of existing infrastructure and
  • guarantee manufacturer independence in connected control centers and hardware.

INES is also available as a powerful MyCityAdaptive module in the SWARCO MyCity platform and can be used locally or via the cloud.

Training & Webcasts



Looking to the future

The experience of our customers and our engineering department flows directly into the development of software and algorithms that

  • support transport and mobility experts intuitively and according to requirements
  • sptimize traffic flow and capacities
  • reduce congestion and traffic jams
  • avoid stops and wait times reduce travel times
  • and thus also emissions and energy consumption
  • minimize particulate matter, e.g. from tire abrasion
  • provide transparent and customized support for local requirements, challenges and goals
  • enable numerous new application possibilities through CCAM integration

It goes without saying that we are actively involved in innovation and a sustainable future:

  • through participation in various research and pilot projects
  • through membership of associations and active participation in committees and working groups
  • by promoting young talent through university partnerships

How to control in which situation? Expand or rebuild the existing system architecture?

Local or centralized, fixed or traffic-adaptive control, with rules, models, algorithms or even AI-supported - we provide you with an overview and advise you on more than just our own software solutions.