By traffic engineers for traffic engineers

LISA - the comprehensive software package for traffic engineering design, evaluation, and optimization of traffic signal systems

The structured design of LISA is based on the best possible user-friendliness for straightforward use in the design and evaluation of traffic signal systems.

The graphical implementation and intuitive guidance enable even inexperienced users to create sophisticated traffic control systems within a very short time.

Intelligent calculations and pre-settings are at the heart of LISA and offer efficient support with the comprehensive manual.

From simple fixed-time control for individual intersections to green waves for corridors and complex adaptive traffic control

Optimization of green times & coordination and efficient solutions for public transport, bicycle, or emergency vehicle priority

Analysis of the control system in the test site and export to various simulation programs, e.g. PTV Vissim, SUMO

Consideration of numerous detection types in the control logic, e.g. detectors, public transport detection points, CCAM data

Different export formats such as OCIT-I or OCIT-C standard, can be used by almost all controllers

MAP creation and export of the functions of the C-ITS function library enable GLOSA services and ETA predictions

What is your current challenge in traffic control?

We will be happy to explain which LISA packages and modules you can use to tackle these efficiently.


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